Micah Moses (micahmoses) wrote in castle_infinity,
Micah Moses

This is a newly formed community

I will be working on lengthening the info page and a few other minor details for a little while. The main purpose of this journal is for Castle Infinity members to organize themselves for exploration better and to keep in touch with those they form parties with. I am looking for anyone who is knowledgeable about the Castle (preferably C8 staff) to become co-moderators of this community, to help with people's questions, and relaying any future competitions. Also, since the C8 site has been running into server problems (C8 seems to be gaining popularity again) then I hope this community will be an all around good place for people to go for C8 needs...

Since this community is only one day old, I expect for the traffic to be slow. Hopefully the word will get out fast, and this place will be a thriving community very soon. Until then, continue to visit, and participate as much as you like, and we'll have a crowd in here in no time. - Mbmoses (C8 I.D.)
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