Micah Moses (micahmoses) wrote in castle_infinity,
Micah Moses

About posting and membership

Ok, I have made this community completely accessible to anyone. You don't have to be a livejournal member to participate, but if you want to be shown as a member then you have to have an account. A livejournal account is free, so don't worry. I will add in the extra incentive to join and become a member of this community by putting up a list of all the members and their C8 stats or something.

Edit: Also, I was wanting to ask anyone who does visit this site to help spread the word about it. So far it will be just me doing all the talking about it, and I'm not sure how many people just I can let know about it, so I can use all the help I can get. Also, if anyone knows how I could contact anyone involved in the game, to perhaps put a link to this up on the C8 page, then that would be a lot of help. Since this could be a nice place to direct people to while they fix their server problems.

- Mbmoses (C8 I.D.)
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